Press Release – Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies Summit: Pioneering the Path to Net Zero in Manufacturing

Lisbon, Portugal – Intrinsic Communications Ltd proudly announces the launch of the much-anticipated Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies Summit, scheduled for the 26th and 27th of June 2024, in the historic and vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal. This boutique event is meticulously crafted for senior leaders committed to steering the sustainable transformation of their manufacturing organisations.

The Summit stands as a vital forum, offering a unique setting for industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries in sustainable manufacturing to exchange knowledge, engage in meaningful debates, and collaboratively seek solutions to shared challenges. It’s not just an event; it’s a catalyst for the sustainable manufacturing practices of tomorrow.

Our CEO, Robi Harper, emphasized the significance of this congregation, stating, “In a world where sustainability is no longer optional but a fundamental business imperative, the Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies Summit stands as a beacon of progress and innovation. This event is meticulously designed to ensure that every leader who joins us in Lisbon leaves equipped with actionable insights, invaluable connections, and the inspiration needed to accelerate their journey towards net zero.”

We will be shining a light on critical issues – including:

Innovative Sustainable Technologies: Explore cutting-edge technologies driving sustainability in manufacturing. Understanding these innovations is crucial for staying competitive and reducing environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Solutions: Discuss strategies for energy optimization and the integration of renewable energy sources, pivotal for reducing carbon footprint and operational costs.

Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency: Delve into practices that promote resource efficiency and circular economy principles, essential for minimizing waste and creating sustainable value chains.

Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Standards: Navigate the complex landscape of environmental regulations and standards, vital for ensuring compliance and avoiding potential liabilities.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Examine approaches for creating sustainable and resilient supply chains, key for risk management and meeting consumer demand for ethical practices.

Employee Engagement and Culture Change: Focus on fostering a culture of sustainability within organizations, critical for driving long-term commitment and innovation in sustainable practices.

Why Attend?

Exclusive Insight: Benefit from a case study-led agenda, spotlighting real-world narratives and offering invaluable lessons and actionable strategies.

Tailored Networking: Engage in meaningful interactions through small group roundtables, informal networking, and pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings.

Limited Sponsors: A handpicked selection of sponsors will be showcasing the very best in technology solutions, ensuring that the innovations presented are as forward-thinking as the discussions they inspire.

A Boutique Experience: Enjoy a relaxed and refined atmosphere conducive to open, honest discussions and genuine connections, set against the picturesque backdrop of Lisbon.

The Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies Summit is not just an event; it’s a strategic pivot point for the industry. It’s where the future of sustainable manufacturing begins to take shape through collaboration, innovation, and shared commitment.

Join us in Lisbon to be part of this transformative experience. Together, let’s redefine the landscape of sustainable manufacturing and move confidently towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Join as a Delegate, Speaker or Sponsor

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